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Structured Settlements FAQ

There is a lot of information out there about structured settlements and it can be overwhelming. The following Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs will do our best to assist you in understanding your options. It's always best to consult with professionals that have experience in the structured settlement industry before taking a step forward. We are here to help you get the cash you need.

Call J.G. Wentworth at 1-866-908-0630 to discuss your unique situation or fill out the Free Quote form.

What is a Structured Settlement?
Structured settlements are structured cash payments promised to be made by one party to another (typically an injury victim) over a period of time. Often, structured settlements are used as an alternative to paying out one large lump sum.

An example of usage of a structured settlement would be one in which a minor under the age of 18 gets injured in an accident and both parties decide to settle. The judge may require a structured settlement be paid out to the minor over time.

Where did Structured Settlements come from?
Structured settlements have been available for over three decades beginning in 1979 when the IRS issued two rulings that acknowledged structured settlements as valid forms of payment structure. Soon after the IRS rulings the Periodic Payment Settlement Act of 1982 (Public Law 97-473) was passed. The act acknowledges and even encourages the use of structured settlements in physical injury cases.

My credit is bad. Does credit rating matter for selling my structured settlement payment stream?
Credit and credit ratings are not an issue in the sale of structured settlement payments. It may actually be a good idea to sell your structured settlement payment stream to avoid a bad credit situation. Bad credit can follow you for life and if selling a structured settlement payment stream can help avoid that, it may not be a bad idea.

Do I earn interest on my Structured Settlement payments?
No, the structured settlement payment stream does not earn interest. The interest is actually already included as part of your structured settlement agreement, so no additional interest would be accumulated.

What benefits are there to selling Structured Settlement payments?
Selling structured settlement payments allows you to get a lump sum of cash now. This can be extremely beneficial if you've had unexpected medical bills or unforeseen damage to your home or car. A lump sum cash payment would allow you to clear these debts without having to run up high interest credit cards. You could also use a lump sum settlement to pay off home mortgages, car loans and any other source of high interest payments. The money that you will save on interest alone may be enough to justify the sale of your settlement payments.

Hopefully this FAQ helped you learn a bit more about structured settlements. Remember to turn to an experienced purchaser of structured settlement payments.

Call J.G. Wentworth at 1-866-908-0630 to discuss your unique situation or fill out the Free Quote form.