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Structured Settlements Glossary

As you begin researching and understanding the steps that go into selling a structured settlement payment stream, knowing the following industry terms will help you. At any time, call J.G. Wentworth at 1-866-908-0630 to discuss your unique situation or fill out the Free Quote form.

Annuity Issuer
The insurance company (also known as the insurer) that issues contracts to fund future periodic payments.

Assignment Company
Typically an insurance company or life insurance company that has a special purpose. In many instances, the assignment company is owned by another company that makes the payments on the annuity (annuity issuer).

An instrument of debt that is typically issued by a corporate or government entity for a period longer than a year. The holder of the bond is repaid over a period of time with interest. Some annuities are funded via bonds.

Factoring Company
A company that purchases rights to future payments from a structured settlement. The payment is made in return for a lump sum payment to the customer selling it.

Life Contingent Payments
This type of annuity pays periodic payments for the lifetime of the beneficiary. This means that in the event of the beneficiary's death, payments will cease.

Present Value
This is the value of a future structured settlement stream of income, calculated as of today. The present value is often used to help determine the structured settlement's discount rate.

Settlement Agreement
A mutual legal contract between two parties that specifies the conditions that one party must provide as relief to the other party.

Settlement Annuity
This provides the payments over a set period of time for the holder of the structured settlement or annuity.

Time Value of Money
Over a set period of time, the given amount of interest that is earned. The concept is that money available in the present time can possibly be worth more than the same amount in the future.

A legal document that gives guidance and instruction to a trustee about how to manage the money. A majority of the time a money manager is involved in directing the manner in which the money is disburrsed.

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